Overcome the sufferings by understanding each other

"I had the opportunity to meet the dear friend Nicoletta at a seminar, about two years ago. Her charismatic personality and sensitivity towards animals deeply touched me, so that I took the decision to contact her, given the paralysis that is affecting my dear Chanel. At night she used to bark and I was unable to understand the reason behind. After contacting Nicoletta it was clear to me why she behaved like that. In fact nowadays I address Chanel in a different way. I know what to say to her, the right words…Read more

Griso, pure cat love!

"Griso, one of my beloved rescued cats, started to pee every day on the other cats’ blankets, beds and even plates I use to feed them. In fact he did not enter the litter box anymore, he even got used to poop outside on the floor. He was  checked by the vet, however nothing had changed, he kept on maintaining that unpleasant behavior. It was then that I contacted Nicoletta Toniutti hoping she could provide some help to overcome the problem. Already after the first communication session, Griso changed his behavior. It was…Read more

Catalina, the beloved cat is back home

"I asked Nicoletta Toniutti's help last summer, when my cat Catalina escaped very scared from the new place where we have recently moved in the countryside …So after waiting for her a whole week I decided to contact Nicoletta. She was able to share with me the situation from Catalina's point of view, what she was feeling, what she needed. I have no words to thank her for the amazing job that Nicoletta has done during the two months and a half that Catalina took to return safe and sound. Communications with Catalina…Read more