Catalina, photo courtesy Silvia Soto

Catalina, photo courtesy Silvia Soto

“I asked Nicoletta Toniutti’s help last summer, when my cat Catalina escaped very scared from the new place where we have recently moved in the countryside …So after waiting for her a whole week I decided to contact Nicoletta. She was able to share with me the situation from Catalina’s point of view, what she was feeling, what she needed.
I have no words to thank her for the amazing job that Nicoletta has done during the two months and a half that Catalina took to return safe and sound. Communications with Catalina have been extremely important first, for me to know during all that time that she was still alive … then it was very helpful to understand her reasons, needs and under which conditions she would be willing to return to the new place…  

Of course once, Catalina returned, I have respected every bit of what I had promised during our negotiations and she has adapted wonderfully. We are very happy.

Silvia soto, Almeria (Spain) – Summer 2015


Written by Nicoletta Toniutti

Passion, dedication, deep love and desire to deeply understand animals led me to the shore of Telepathic Animal Communication. That was my choice to provide support and help to those marvelous living creatures that animals are and to their human life-mates. A marvelous, never ending journey within reach of everyone. Do you want to join me? I can help you and your animal to overcome difficulties and misunderstandings for a better, more harmonious life together.

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