Chanel, photo courtesy Irene Mirabile

Chanel, photo courtesy Irene Mirabile

I had the opportunity to meet the dear friend Nicoletta at a seminar, about two years ago. Her charismatic personality and sensitivity towards animals deeply touched me, so that I took the decision to contact her, given the paralysis that is affecting my dear Chanel.

At night she used to bark and I was unable to understand the reason behind. After contacting Nicoletta it was clear to me why she behaved like that. In fact nowadays I address Chanel in a different way.

I know what to say to her, the right words suggested by Nicoletta, in order to help my dear dog to overcome together her sufferings. After being contacted by Nicoletta, immediately she showed a serenity she hadn’t before. That was the first beautiful thing I could pick up again in Chanel…Thank you Nicoletta, thank you for offering such a great love to animals…

Irene Mirabile, Bagnoli (Napoli)


Written by Nicoletta Toniutti

Passion, dedication, deep love and desire to deeply understand animals led me to the shore of Telepathic Animal Communication. That was my choice to provide support and help to those marvelous living creatures that animals are and to their human life-mates. A marvelous, never ending journey within reach of everyone. Do you want to join me? I can help you and your animal to overcome difficulties and misunderstandings for a better, more harmonious life together.

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