Face to face with grizzly bears. We were born to love

Will we be able to see a bear – a grizzly perhaps – at least through the lens of looking glasses? That’s all we were hoping for, as we couldn’t imagine what was going to happen. But let’s start from the beginning. Years ago, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a special vacation; we’ve always wanted to go to British Columbia, Canada, to experience –even if only for a few weeks- the wilderness of North America. The beauty and the force of nature on the Canadian West coast compelled us…Read more

The Divine Matrix. A bridge through telepathic communication

Most people probably think that telepathic communication, especially with animals, is just a fantasy, something that has no scientific evidence and doesn’t exist. They might recognize it as an anthropological phenomenon, but they probably won’t recognize it as a legitimate way of communication – nor an advanced method of communication. However, modern science demonstrated that we live among much more information than what our five senses can detect; examples are the theory of relativity by Einstein or the studies on DNA and its expressions on cells under the influence of the emotions and…Read more

Communicating telepathically with animals. Communication from the heart

“Who am I?” This is the ever-lasting question that people have been asking since the beginning of time. Who could say that they have never wondered who they are, despite religion, philosophic thoughts, education, or social position? It’s hard to avoid the question, especially when we’re trained to understand the world exclusively through our 5 senses, which oftentimes are manipulated by our desires. As much as we try to avoid the question and hold it back, it keeps coming back haunting us. Maybe it is worth give it a shot, and listen to…Read more