“Who am I?” This is the ever-lasting question that people have been asking since the beginning of time. Who could say that they have never wondered who they are, despite religion, philosophic thoughts, education, or social position?

. , , .It’s hard to avoid the question, especially when we’re trained to understand the world exclusively through our 5 senses, which oftentimes are manipulated by our desires. As much as we try to avoid the question and hold it back, it keeps coming back haunting us. Maybe it is worth give it a shot, and listen to it; perhaps we should shut up our inner voice and let the question interrogate us and explain itself. Isn’t its impertinence deliberate and beneficial for us? Isn’t it better to let go of it, and let this deep question crawl inside us?

It may seem odd, but telepathic communication with animals and with Nature lies within this primordial question. It’s a profound dialogue that roots back into perceiving unity along with everything that is alive. Probably everyone had even a brief experience of intimacy with life, in any of its expressions. Perhaps an animal, a flower, an insect, a rock, a singing bird, the pounding sound of a river, or a beautiful landscape made us forget about ourselves and feel that magical, throbbing sensation that connects us to what goes beyond us.

However, we soon forget about it and we banish anything that’s not tangible as a fantasy or, even worse, a mental disturbance. But the question keeps coming back. It always does, it’s inevitable. Nature supports us if we are willing to listen to Her, and allow Her to get back in connection with us, just like it was probably at the beginning of times.

Let us listen to Her. In order to hear Her voice, we must remain silent, and create a space within us that’s free from influences and close-minded and negative thoughts. We need to create a space able to welcome, bring back to life, and nurture those innate intuitive capacities that lay within each one of us. This way, we rediscover a language that needs no words or conventional signs; it has no barriers, neither physical nor temporal. It’s the language of Love bringing unity.

Communicating telepathically with animals is indeed a dialogue from heart to heart. It means building a bridge of love that expresses joy and gratitude for feeling connected with each other. It allows us to help them through difficulties and provide solutions to live a full and harmonious life together; but it also expands our consciousness.

This is how animals help humans to develop an awareness of their inner world, to keep exploring who they are and why they’re here on this beautiful planet. Are they here to destroy it? Are they here to annihilate it or limit the life that takes different forms and shapes?

Who am I? Who are we? When we are willing to listen, we not only experience a connection with everything that’s alive, and a joyful and harmonious life, filled with love, that’s constantly evolving; we also get the chance of becoming better people. We can become “humans” that make peace, create beauty, and spread harmony. Then we become enlightened and the decisive question finds an answer that comes from the heart.

Nicoletta Toniutti, Professional Telepathic Animal Communicator


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