Photo Courtesy of Fotolia © francescomou File: #84629997

Photo Courtesy of Fotolia © francescomou File: #84629997

Is it possible to communicate with the heart alone, feeling everything that lives both outside and inside of us? Is it possible to do it with animals, plants, the sun, water, the mountains…? Yes, it is possible is we are willing to start over from who we are, and find and nurture harmony, peace within us, permitting the beauty, poetry, and the mystery of life to amaze us.

This is the base of telepathic communication with animals and nature: being in harmony with everything that’s alive, aside from the physical experience that we all feel through the five senses. Matter, as we know it, does not exhaust reality.

This is not science fiction. It is scientifically proven that our beliefs determine who we are and what we feel in our everyday life. The research of leading scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, and Amit Godswami, among others, helps to overcome the resistance which the rational mind offers to the emergence of new sensibilities, which are truly as old as humanity itself.

If we are willing to start a journey inside and through our conscience in order to reunite with our Soul and (re)discover the essence of life, then we can establish a deep connection with it. This is how we can experience a different feeling outside the ordinary, where subtle energetic fields emerge from a background noise and carry information.

From where should we start? Beginning from within, we should research and nurture peace, joy, and harmony that composes our inner being. The first step is paying closer attention to what our body says to us. Are we truly aware of the life living within us? Epigenetic (but not only) teaches us that mind and body are not separable: they are instead connected through emotions that we are not even aware of most of the times.

Yes, cells have emotions! Emiliano Toso, musician and molecular biologist, said: “”When we experience a particular emotion, each of our cells filters and perceives vibrations that reflect and influence our body condition.”

Let us start by acknowledging this by listening to a marvelous melody composed using the golden tuning (or biological tuning, as Emiliano Toso names it) of 432 Hz. It’s the music that cells of all living creatures sing.

Close your eyes, feel the connection with the flow of life, and feel grateful to Mother Nature that feeds it generously and constantly.

Let it all go, listening to Emiliano Toso’s music, and give you a chance to be in harmony with everything that lives.

Let’s dwell in the heart’s sacred space, and let’s give ourselves to the heart’s purity and love. Let us abandon prejudice and limitations, and let’s embrace faithfully and without judgment the many expressions of life that we are part of.



Written by Nicoletta Toniutti

Passion, dedication, deep love and desire to deeply understand animals led me to the shore of Telepathic Animal Communication. That was my choice to provide support and help to those marvelous living creatures that animals are and to their human life-mates. A marvelous, never ending journey within reach of everyone. Do you want to join me? I can help you and your animal to overcome difficulties and misunderstandings for a better, more harmonious life together.

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