Mystery of the White Lions is an important reading. Cleverly written by Linda Tucker – a successful professional in the world of advertising in London, with a solid academic foundation according to the best Western standards – is the story of a journey of discovery of the Spirit. A journey that goes beyond the limits of personal experience to testify, with courage, the possibility that each of us has to grasp on to higher truths in our daily lives.

“…The only way I could describe the knowledge I was receiving knowledge was a sense of being “guided” toward the right information. This experience was quite unlike my many years of academic study. I knew for certain that the usual pieces of insight I was being handed were not the product of my own academic endeavours, but rather giftsof a guiding will over and above my personal intent.Surrendering to this force, letting go of the inevitable social and educational constraints was the necessary step to bring to light sacred knowledge which, so to speak, “emerge” along the Nilotic meridian, the axis of the entire African continent that unites the pyramids of Giza to Timbavati in South Africa, the only place on the planet home to White Lions.

This book is, in fact, a wonderful first-hand testimony of a white woman who decides to finally listen to her soul, triggering the awakening her consciousness that will lead her to (re)discover sacred and hidden knowledge and to give her life new direction for the benefit of many others. Among these, the mysterious and rare White Lions.

When man destroys agents of light in his world, he freezes consciousness, through fear,says Credo Mutwa great shaman, custodian of ancient secrets of the African oral tradition and spiritual guide of the author. Being aware that we’re not alone, that we’re all – animals, human beings but also plants and minerals – part of One Life that expresses itself and imposes itself through all living expressions, beyond and above all pettiness, violence and cruelty, is a level of truth to which we can all have access.

To seek, rediscover, and feel the connection between the High and the Low – as Hermes Trismegistus reminds us in his Emerald Tablets – is part of the process of the awakening that gives human beings the possibility to evolve spiritually and to live in perfect balance according to the divine principles of harmony, peace and openness of heart for the benefit of the entire planet Earth. What we need is to be willing to reconnect with higher truths. That way, we could understand that White Lions are a vehicle of illumination, a beacon that guides us to awaken the Light that’s within us.

An intense and compelling reading, accompanied by in-depth notes and a rich and thorough bibliography that opens the heart and the mind. Thank you Linda Tucker, “Guardian of the White Lions”.


Written by Nicoletta Toniutti

Passion, dedication, deep love and desire to deeply understand animals led me to the shore of Telepathic Animal Communication. That was my choice to provide support and help to those marvelous living creatures that animals are and to their human life-mates. A marvelous, never ending journey within reach of everyone. Do you want to join me? I can help you and your animal to overcome difficulties and misunderstandings for a better, more harmonious life together.

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