All my gratitude to the colleague Eleni Gkikakis

All my gratitude to the colleague Eleni Gkikakis for her invaluable work with my dog Leo. I contacted Eleni because, although I’m an animal communicator myself, I was not able to connect with him due to my high emotional involvement. Leo had been hospitalized two days before given his very bad conditions, and he was expected to have a very tough and risky surgery pretty soon.  Eleni, although not being aware of most of details, did an amazing job that resulted in letting me clearly understand what was going on when nobody did. Her…Read more

Mystery of White Lions. A must read

Mystery of the White Lions is an important reading. Cleverly written by Linda Tucker - a successful professional in the world of advertising in London, with a solid academic foundation according to the best Western standards - is the story of a journey of discovery of the Spirit. A journey that goes beyond the limits of personal experience to testify, with courage, the possibility that each of us has to grasp on to higher truths in our daily lives. "...The only way I could describe the knowledge I was receiving knowledge was a…Read more

How I work as telepathic animal communicator

Given that Telepathic Animal Communication is something very subtle, I believe it is a good idea to spend some words on how I work. Let's start saying that the serious practitioner has to be extremely careful to ensure that she doesn’t interfere with her mind by creating narratives or interpretations that have nothing to do with the original message. For this we faithfully adhere to what we receive. It happens as well that we draft immediate reports, sometimes with leaps of logic and without immediate consequentiality, or to provide a complex and fluid dialogue.…Read more

Paths intertwined with Tiger, the wise cat

Thank you with all my heart, dear Nicoletta, for your telepathic communications with my beloved cat Tiger. You have such an amazing ability to connect with our animal friends on a deep spiritual level. You know how to tune into their thoughts and feelings in order to see things from their unique perspective. That’s why our animal friends trust you and they open their hearts to you, Nicoletta, sharing their highest wisdom with you. In your first communication with Tiger when he was still on Earth you described very accurately his physical condition.…Read more

Habibi, a deeper understanding increases the loving bond

THANK YOU Nicoletta, the experience of telepathic communication with one of the cats that chose to live with me, through you, was very deep and just a few words were enough, a few things that came to you through this wonderful medium, extremely meaningful. It allowed me to learn more about Habibi, to know him on a different level, to better understand some of his behavior, to better understand what we now know he does, to leave him in peace sometimes, and indeed, if I can, to help him do what he came here to do. As a consequence, I changed too, accordingly, in his regards. And I feel that our special relationship has reached a deeper level, as if we could understand each other better, and therefore, we love one another more, in a very special way. THANK YOU SO MUCH ... and the discomfort he was experiencing before has decreased... Elisa Terzi, Bibbiano, RE (Italy)Read more

Telepathy is an innate ability. It comes from the heart.

Telepathy is a kind of communication innate to all species. In fact, it is not conditioned neither by anatomy or biology, instead it depends on the ability to access the field of consciousness in which all beings are immersed. Animals communicate telepathically between individuals of the same species but not only. They do it, in fact, even with subjects of other species, including humans, when they are given the chance. Centuries of training around reductionist and mechanistic principles have led to the highest development of dualistic and analytical thinking that most of us…Read more

Mickey, the little maltese with a big heart

Mickey is my 8-years old bichòn maltese dog. Overnight he started showing signs of sickness. At a given moment my intuition told me that there was something else behind this situation. I contacted Nicoletta in an almost accidental way and she opened a completely new world for me where love manifested itself through Mickey. She also made me see that whatever goes wrong in my world impacts everything and everyone around me. Great work done by Nicoletta. Great compassion. A great lesson of humility for me. Sonia Garcia Reques, Madrid (Spain)     Mi…Read more

Ajva, sweet transition, great teaching

We contacted Nicoletta following the advice of our homeopathic veterinarian. We had just found out, following a computed tomography, that is was not possible to operate her. We had adopted her only three years earlier. There was nothing to be done, because of the position of the tumor and her age. Thanks to Nicoletta we understood that Ajva did not suffer and that the right thing to do was to accompany her until the end of her journey in the most serene possible way. Those were not easy months, but Ajva was stronger than…Read more

Soothing the mind and opening up the heart with Emiliano Toso’s 432 Hz music

Is it possible to communicate with the heart alone, feeling everything that lives both outside and inside of us? Is it possible to do it with animals, plants, the sun, water, the mountains…? Yes, it is possible is we are willing to start over from who we are, and find and nurture harmony, peace within us, permitting the beauty, poetry, and the mystery of life to amaze us. This is the base of telepathic communication with animals and nature: being in harmony with everything that’s alive, aside from the physical experience that we…Read more
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