All my gratitude to the colleague Eleni Gkikakis

All my gratitude to the colleague Eleni Gkikakis for her invaluable work with my dog Leo. I contacted Eleni because, although I’m an animal communicator myself, I was not able to connect with him due to my high emotional involvement. Leo had been hospitalized two days before given his very bad conditions, and he was expected to have a very tough and risky surgery pretty soon.  Eleni, although not being aware of most of details, did an amazing job that resulted in letting me clearly understand what was going on when nobody did. Her…Read more

Habibi, a deeper understanding increases the loving bond

THANK YOU Nicoletta, the experience of telepathic communication with one of the cats that chose to live with me, through you, was very deep and just a few words were enough, a few things that came to you through this wonderful medium, extremely meaningful. It allowed me to learn more about Habibi, to know him on a different level, to better understand some of his behavior, to better understand what we now know he does, to leave him in peace sometimes, and indeed, if I can, to help him do what he came here to do. As a consequence, I changed too, accordingly, in his regards. And I feel that our special relationship has reached a deeper level, as if we could understand each other better, and therefore, we love one another more, in a very special way. THANK YOU SO MUCH ... and the discomfort he was experiencing before has decreased... Elisa Terzi, Bibbiano, RE (Italy)Read more