Paths intertwined with Tiger, the wise cat

Thank you with all my heart, dear Nicoletta, for your telepathic communications with my beloved cat Tiger. You have such an amazing ability to connect with our animal friends on a deep spiritual level. You know how to tune into their thoughts and feelings in order to see things from their unique perspective. That’s why our animal friends trust you and they open their hearts to you, Nicoletta, sharing their highest wisdom with you. In your first communication with Tiger when he was still on Earth you described very accurately his physical condition.…Read more

Habibi, a deeper understanding increases the loving bond

THANK YOU Nicoletta, the experience of telepathic communication with one of the cats that chose to live with me, through you, was very deep and just a few words were enough, a few things that came to you through this wonderful medium, extremely meaningful. It allowed me to learn more about Habibi, to know him on a different level, to better understand some of his behavior, to better understand what we now know he does, to leave him in peace sometimes, and indeed, if I can, to help him do what he came here to do. As a consequence, I changed too, accordingly, in his regards. And I feel that our special relationship has reached a deeper level, as if we could understand each other better, and therefore, we love one another more, in a very special way. THANK YOU SO MUCH ... and the discomfort he was experiencing before has decreased... Elisa Terzi, Bibbiano, RE (Italy)Read more

Wally provides the key …

It was our homeopathic veterinarian who told us about Nicoletta and her ability to communicate telepathically with our Wally, a large cat with a difficult and painful past. He has been part of our family for the last two years and for the last few months has been expressing his misfeelings urinating around the house. Since he is not sick we contacted Nicoletta, who not only gave us the key to understand the requests and difficulties of Wally (which “accidentally” were also mine), but also keys to improve our personal situation and relationship…Read more

Griso, pure cat love!

"Griso, one of my beloved rescued cats, started to pee every day on the other cats’ blankets, beds and even plates I use to feed them. In fact he did not enter the litter box anymore, he even got used to poop outside on the floor. He was  checked by the vet, however nothing had changed, he kept on maintaining that unpleasant behavior. It was then that I contacted Nicoletta Toniutti hoping she could provide some help to overcome the problem. Already after the first communication session, Griso changed his behavior. It was…Read more

Catalina, the beloved cat is back home

"I asked Nicoletta Toniutti's help last summer, when my cat Catalina escaped very scared from the new place where we have recently moved in the countryside …So after waiting for her a whole week I decided to contact Nicoletta. She was able to share with me the situation from Catalina's point of view, what she was feeling, what she needed. I have no words to thank her for the amazing job that Nicoletta has done during the two months and a half that Catalina took to return safe and sound. Communications with Catalina…Read more