Mickey, the little maltese with a big heart

Mickey is my 8-years old bichòn maltese dog. Overnight he started showing signs of sickness. At a given moment my intuition told me that there was something else behind this situation. I contacted Nicoletta in an almost accidental way and she opened a completely new world for me where love manifested itself through Mickey. She also made me see that whatever goes wrong in my world impacts everything and everyone around me. Great work done by Nicoletta. Great compassion. A great lesson of humility for me. Sonia Garcia Reques, Madrid (Spain)     Mi…Read more

Ajva, sweet transition, great teaching

We contacted Nicoletta following the advice of our homeopathic veterinarian. We had just found out, following a computed tomography, that is was not possible to operate her. We had adopted her only three years earlier. There was nothing to be done, because of the position of the tumor and her age. Thanks to Nicoletta we understood that Ajva did not suffer and that the right thing to do was to accompany her until the end of her journey in the most serene possible way. Those were not easy months, but Ajva was stronger than…Read more

Overcome the sufferings by understanding each other

"I had the opportunity to meet the dear friend Nicoletta at a seminar, about two years ago. Her charismatic personality and sensitivity towards animals deeply touched me, so that I took the decision to contact her, given the paralysis that is affecting my dear Chanel. At night she used to bark and I was unable to understand the reason behind. After contacting Nicoletta it was clear to me why she behaved like that. In fact nowadays I address Chanel in a different way. I know what to say to her, the right words…Read more